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Do you live in one of the Crosby area's older homes? Has your electrical system ever been updated? Many of our area's older homes contain electrical systems that do not have the capacity to handle today's electrical needs. Antique electrical systems pose a safety hazard to your home - tripping breakers, flickering lights and electrical fires are a few of the hazards you may contend with.

  • Fuse to circuit breaker conversions

  • New electrical system installations

  • Residential and commercial services

  • 200 - 400 AMPs, 1 phase or 3 phase

  • Electrical system rewiring

  • Emergency upgrades available

Keep your home and your family safe by having ACE Electric replace your outdated electrical structures. When we're finished with the job, you'll feel confident that your system will be able to handle the demands of modern life with ease. Schedule a quote today!

Whether you're in need of a service upgrade for your residential property, commercial facility, mobile home or office building, you can expect timely and efficient service from ACE Electric. In addition to service upgrades, we also offer generator repairs, outdoor lighting installation and more.

Avoid the dangers that outdated electrical systems pose with a comprehensive upgrade

In the event of an emergency, our team is available 24/7.

Customize your upgrade

Update your aging system

Maintain electrical safety in a wide variety of locations

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